VoIP key features that help you work smarter.

With over 50 basic and advanced features, Interface’s VoIP is a complete solution that helps companies increase efficiency and work smarter than ever before.

Feature Description



Basic Features

All the basic phone functions—like caller ID, call forwarding, call hold, call transfer, call waiting, 3-way calling, redial, do not disturb, speed dial, and hook flash.

Unlimited North American Calling

All local calls are free and unlimited.

Extension Dialing

Using a 1 to 10-digit extension, users can call co-workers within their company, regardless of location.

Caller Line ID

Offers the capability for the outgoing number to be revealed or blocked by the user.

Consultation Hold

Lets user put a caller on hold, call a third party, hang up, and resume the conversation with the caller.

Call Park

Enables users to hold a call and retrieve it from another station within a group.

Call Pick Up

Enables a defined user to answer any ringing line within their pick-up group.

Find Me / Follow Me

Allows users to define call treatments—how incoming calls are routed or forwarded for individuals or groups of inbound callers—ensuring that important calls are not missed.

Simultaneous Ring

Enables users to have incoming calls ring up to ten phone numbers or extensions at the same time, allowing them to handle incoming calls more efficiently.

Sequential Ring

Allows users to have up to five phone numbers ring in a specified sequence, so they never miss a call.

Distinctive Alert/Ringing

Provides a different ringing cadence for calls that meet specific criteria.

Shared Call Appearance

Allows users to configure a second device for making and receiving calls with their account when they are away from their desks.

Line Status Monitoring

Enables a user to monitor the call status (idle, ringing, busy, or on hold) of another user—who shares the same line—within the company.

Directed Call Pick-up

Enables a user to answer a call directed to another phone in their group.

Call Logs

Displays records of the user’s most recent incoming, missed, and outgoing calls and allows the user to click-to-dial any number on the logs.

Instant Group Call

Allows instant set-up of a conference bridge for any amount of telephone numbers, which is especially useful as an emergency line or for recurring team meetings. Can be used with Push to Talk to simulate paging functionality.




Voice Messaging

Voice Messaging allows users to customize their personal greetings. Users can also listen to, forward, delete, and save each received voice message. During playback, users can fast forward, skip, rewind, or pause messages. Our system allows you to have different types of greetings, making it truly yours.

Voice Message Indication

A stutter tone and a visual indicator signal the receipt of a new voicemail message.

Voice Message Notification

Employees can by informed via email when a new voice message arrives. They can play the message right on their computer.

Voice Message Call Back

Allows the user to respond to a message by calling the sender directly from the system, removing the inconvenience of searching for and dialing numbers.

Auto-Attendant (Inbound Voice Redirect)

Allows callers to receive a voice recording that is fully tailored to your business’ needs.