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Incredible Features !!

Features You Can Get with your Phone :

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Unlimited Local Extension
HLP-PBX allows for any number of local extensions.

Unlimited Auto Attendants
Digital PBX allows for any number of Interactive Voice Response Auto Attendants.

Works like you expect voicemail to work.

Voicemail to Email
HLP-PBX can send you an email notification that you have a new message, and can actually include a .wav file of the voice message in the email.

Find Me Follow Me
more than simply call forwarding, calls can be routed to multiple numbers simultaneously - office extension, home, cell, cottage - wherever you are the call will find you.

Advanced Call Forwarding and Routing
many advanced call forwarding options are available, including: forwarding calls to a group of extensions, or to outside numbers.

Automatic Off-Line Forwarding
every extension, as well as main telephone number, can be programmed to automatically forward to a cell or other number in the event that the connection is down.

Call Groups
group a number of extensions together as one destination - useful for sales departments.

Call Queues
Allow inbound calls to a particular destination (Customer Support) to queue up while waiting for an available staff member to take their call. Better than being on hold, better than going to voicemail. As soon as a staff member is available, the waiting call ‘rings’ their phone.

Call Parking
allows a person to put a call on hold at one telephone set and continue the conversation from any other telephone set. Or let another user pick up the call from any other set.

allows a person to page through the speaker system on the phone sets. This can be used to announce a parked call.

allows a person to page a specific extension allowing the recipient to respond without having to lift the handset.

Overhead Paging
HLP-Digital PBX is capable of integrating with any overhead paging system.

Call Transfers
Calls can be transferred directly to another extension (blind) or can ring the party’s extension and speak to the transferee first (attended).

Caller ID
Displays information about the caller on enabled phone sets (or soft phones). Caller ID is made up of 2 components - Caller Number and Caller Name. Carriers pass the information differently from time to time, and while Caller Number is very reliable, Caller Name will not always be passed from the calling party’s carrier.

Call Waiting
When a person is engaged in a call, and a second call comes through to the same extension, HLP-Digital PBX will play an audible beep to announce a ‘call waiting’ – the person has the ability to put the current call on hold and answer the new call.

Caller ID on Call Waiting
On properly equipped phones, Call Waiting Caller ID will display on the phone set.

Do Not Disturb (DND)
Prevents calls from ringing on an extension for which DND is activated.

Remote Extensions
Allows for remote staff to exist as a local extension on the HLP-Digital PBX.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
Can automatically distribute calls to a group of extensions.

Time of Day Scheduling
Allows people to schedule Auto Attendants and their individual dialing rules, for instance, the company may have a live receptionist during the day and Auto Attendant at night or an individual may want to ring their desk phone and cell phone simultaneously during the day, Monday to Friday, but go directly to voicemail at night and on weekends.

Direct Inward Dial
HLP-Digital PBX allows for any number of unique telephone numbers on the same system. Every user can have their own direct line, bypassing a receptionist or Automated Attendant if desired.

Direct Inward System Access
HLP-Digital PBX has a built in feature that allows for staff to utilize the company’s phone lines for making long distance calls. This can eliminate costly cell phone long distance.

Dial by Name Directory
HLP-Digital PBX includes a Dial by Name Directory, which is setup simply by making sure that all of the extensions have an associated first name and last name.

Message Waiting Indicator (Visual)
the phone sets have a flashing red light when an extension has a message waiting.

Message Waiting Indicator (Audio – stutter dial tone)
When a user picks up the phone, if they have a message waiting they will hear a stutter dial tone.

3 - Way Calling
allows you to join 3 callers together.

Conference Bridge
provides a phone number for any number of callers to dial into and teleconference with a specific PIN code to join a telephone conference ‘room’.  Since the conference is hosted in the Network, you are not limited by the number of equivalent phone lines you have running into your office.

Remote Call Pickup
Callers can ‘pick-up’ extension dialed calls directly on their cell phones, and transfer to other office or remote extensions.

Remote Office Support
PBX’s can be deployed in Remote or Branch offices and integrated as part of a comprehensive HLP-Digital PBX.

Roaming Extensions
extensions can be configured on soft phone clients, an application that can be run on any computer with access to the internet.

Distinctive Ring Tones
HLP-Digital PBX can support multiple incoming phone numbers that can each be assigned its own distinctive ring tone.

there are some differences with regular 911. You have to update your existing address.

Music on Hold
preconfigured with music on hold.