What is VoIP ?

Internet Voice, also known as Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP), is a technology that allows you to make telephone calls using a broadband Internet connection instead of a regular (or analog) phone line. Some services using VoIP may only allow you to call other people using the same service, but others may allow you to call anyone who has a telephone number – including local, long distance, mobile, and international numbers. Also, while some services only work over your computer or a special VoIP phone, other services allow you to use a traditional phone through an adaptor.

What Kind of Equipment Do I Need?

A broadband (high speed Internet) connection is required. This can be through a cable modem, or high speed services such as DSL or a local area network. You can connect a phone directly to a telephone adaptor, hook up and send your voice through a cable modem.

How Can I Place a VoIP Call?

Depending on the service, one way to place a VOIP call is to pick up your phone and dial the number, using an adaptor that connects to your existing high-speed Internet connection. The call goes through your local telephone company to a VOIP provider. The phone call goes over the Internet to the called party’s local telephone company for the completion of the call. Another way is to utilize a microphone headset plugged into your computer. The number is placed using the keyboard and is routed through your cable modem.

What Are Some Advantages ?

Because VoIP is digital, it may offer features and services that are not available with a traditional phone. If you have a broadband internet connection, you need not maintain and pay the additional cost for a line just to make telephone calls. With many VoIP plans you can talk for as long as you want with any person in the world (the requirement is that the other person has an Internet connection. You can also talk with many people at the same time without any additional cost.

What Are Some disadvantages ?

If you’re considering replacing your local phone provider with VOIP, there are some possible differences:Some VOIP services do not work during power outages and the service provider may not offer backup power. Not all VOIP services connect directly to emergency services through 9-1-1, you will always have to provide the 9-1-1 operator your exact location. VoIP providers may or may not offer directory assistance/white page listings or phone cards on your prepaid account.



There is a secret which telephone companies don`t like you to know. They have invested lots of money on central offices; switches and copper wirings so it is clear they are willing you use their systems. But routing from these systems to new technology is expensive. Technology is running and new solutions come out every day. Internet! , which has changed everything.Now everybody need and use internet and should pay to access it. By this, why should you pay extra for one of internet applications?

Voice is one of thousand applications of internet. So everyone who has internet access can buy a small hardware and connect it to internet (DSL modem). Then use internet as a telephone system for free! Yes calling through internet is free! (Like Skype, Google voice, Yahoo or etc). The things which remain are; first: you need a real telephone number; Second: find a way to call landline or cell phones (which are normally installed in old telephone networks). To do this you can subscribe to new companies which can do it with a very low rate, since they do not have to pay for copper telephone wire in the ground or big analogue based switches, so their prices are much cheaper.