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Virtual Phone Number ! 

  • Local Numbers

  • Real Time Call Control

  • Call Screening and Forwarding

  • Outlook Integration

  • Send and Receive Faxes online

  • Call Logs

  • Control Caller ID

  • Get announced callers

  • Route live callers

  • Custom greetings, voice mail and call logs

Power and Flexibility
  • Choose your area code

  • Forward the calls to any phone

  • Separate business and personal calls

  • Simple to insert greetings, route calls and manage callers

  • Voice mail and call logs for each number

  • Know which phone line is calling before you answer

Great Privacy Options
  • Inbound Caller ID options

  • Outbound Caller ID Privacy options

  • Control your availability using Do Not Disturb settings

  • Block specific callers from contacting you

Features include:
  • Each virtual number can be customized with any available area code

  • Inbound Caller ID options

  • Outbound Caller ID Privacy options

  • Individual settings and profile management for every number

  • Easy greeting set-up

  • Number blocking

  • Do Not Disturb

  • Support for multiple phones

  • Voicemail

  • Privacy code (for extra call security)

  • You’ll find all the call management and customization features in the "My Profiles" section of your account.



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